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This is the remarkable story of the german publisher Klaus Gerth.  Like the many fatherless children of post war Germany, Klaus’ beginnings were humble. But he was ambitious to succeed and by the age 25 he was a rising star in a multinational cosmetic corporation. And yet, when he discovered just how lonely and meaningless life at the top could be, he traded it all in for something more beautiful.


His career on the executive floors of Juvena Cosmetics was all that you could imagine: Five Star Hotels, Luxury cars, first class travel, Caviar & Champagne. 

He was even judging fashion shows and beauty contests when he heard God’s call to take over a little debt ridden publishing house. Klaus understood what it was like to start with nothing. But this time God would be his partner.


Despite all the opposition Klaus couldn't give up. 
No one knew what to do with this guy. His friends and family thought he was crazy while the Christian book market eyed him suspiciously. But Klaus had discovered grace and this grace was soon evident to everyone. Step by step he followed God’s plan to rebuild this struggling company, so much so that Klaus would soon be recognized as one of the 

most successful German Publishers of the post-war era.


At 70 years of age, he and his Family are moving 

to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, the City of stars. Klaus had thoughts of retiring, of a life of leisure; sunny afternoons playing golf, kicking a soccer ball with his grand children. But deep down he knows all too well that, just around the corner, there will be adventures a plenty for him and anyone else willing to embrace this Amazing Grace.

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